SPECIAL EVENT COVERAGE: If you are planning events in your bethels or jurisdictions that are not considered “normal” Job’s Daughters functions” (meetings, dances, meals, etc.) you may need to consult with the Executive Manager and Board of Trustees to see if you need to purchase “special event coverage”. Events like 5K or 10K runs or walks, participating in rock climbing at special rock-climbing gyms, or anything else that is extremely physical or unusual in any way need to be evaluated.

If you are conducting some “special event” and the facility you are holding it in or other individuals, corporations, etc. do not have the necessary insurance this is the procedure to follow:

  1. Notify Susan Goolsby of the special activity, date, time, number of participants, and any other pertinent information concerning the event.
  2. Provide the Board of Trustees Insurance liaison the same information.
  3. Susan will then notify the insurance company who will either issue or deny the special event coverage. She will then inform the persons asking for the coverage and the Board member in charge of insurance.
  4. At that time, Susan will inform the Bethel the cost of the extra coverage.
  5. A waiver stating participants are participating at their own risk and JDI is not responsible for injury or accidents is fine to use, however, in no way do they take the place of special event insurance coverage. These waivers only serve to make parents and guardians aware that there may be danger or risk of injury involved for that particular activity.

FOR PARTICIPANTS IN PARADE UNITS: Be certain the owner of the parade unit furnishes a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE to the Bethel Guardians, Grand Guardians, etc. showing that this is a liability insurance on the unit whether it is a car, trailer, fire truck, etc. These certificates are easily obtained by calling the insurance agent and may be faxed, emailed, or mailed to Susan Goolsby at the Supreme Office. The certificate should list the Bethel, GGC, JGC, or SGC’s “additional insured” or “certificate holder”